Let Me Introduce You to My Blog

Art is one of those hobbies I’ve dipped my toes in a couple times in my 21 years of life. I enjoy painting. While I’m no extraordinaire, I’m quite exceptional at observing. I watch the painters at the beach, the caricature artists at the Saturday markets, the students at the craft center, and my own mother, the art major. Observing different personalities, different settings and their style in return is fascinating! Art is boundless. Expression is boundless. IMG_6589Once thinking that art was only markers and paints on paper, I learned as I grew that it’s also the building you work in, the sheets you sleep on, the salads you arrange and the streets you drive. An even greater revelation was that those buildings, sheets, salads and streets all change everywhere you go. Different design, yes, but different material as well. Different shapes and different sizes, different prices too. Art can move forward and backward, it can communicate, it can inspire and support, and it can defy. However, art’s most intriguing concept is that it can be done by anyone at anytime or even everyone at once. It can be witnessed right here in Oregon (http://mdorn.zenfolio.com), or across the world (http://www.arttrav.com).

This place is to observe as I do! To not only learn about different artists and their styles, but their environments all over the world and how it influences the art they produce. This is where we can watch art evolve and over time, over a country, or even within a single person. Here is where the collection of new discoveries, new connections, inspirations, and experiments begin.



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