Move Happy

Ah, week six. You were a rascal, weren’t you? We all have one of THOSE weeks where you swear that your singular day was actually two days long, or maybe you had sleep for dinner. “Where am I..?” Maybe your office hours with your professor turned into a tear-jerking therapy session. Inappropriate? Probably. Necessary? Absolutely. Like many students, my track record of biting off more than I can chew is impressively consistent.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 2.19.15 AM.png
“The many faces of ‘losing it,'” by seven year-old Leila.

Today I realized I’ve done it once again! You too? Well, check this gem of an article out. In a recent post on, Kelsey Manning dissects the difference between feeling bored and feeling unhappy at work. Believe it or not, they are two very different things. Here’s a little paraphrasing from the article to review what I’ve just learned, but I highly recommend a complete read-through. Ask yourself the following questions. Your answers determine whether you’re unhappy or simply bored.

  1. Is the feeling seeping into other aspects of your life?
    1. No – boredom
    2. Yes – unhappiness
  2. Can you pinpoint an external reason for it?
    1. No – boredom
    2. Yes – unhappiness
  3. What is your body telling you? Is your body effected?
    1. No – boredom
    2. Yes – unhappiness
  4. Are you being challenged?
    1. No – boredom
    2. Yes – unhappiness
  5. Do you find yourself feeling angry regularly?
    1. No – unhappiness
    2. Yes – boredom

Whether you’re bored or unhappy, these are recommended methods to face your mood.

  1. Give yourself a break
  2. Turn boredom into accountability
  3. Set specific goals to improve the situation
  4. Recognize when it’s time to move on
Move Happy

For the last couple months, I had been in a place where I was always tired and always stressed due to the responsibilities of being chapter president of my sorority. It began to affect not only my overall mood, but my relationships and school. There’s a difference between time management and simply being short on time. It was a difficult situation but I dropped because I needed to take care of my priorities.

If you’re bored, turn it into accountability. If you’re unhappy, revisit what’s important to you and what you need in order to be happy. Regardless of whether it’s boredom or unhappiness, they strike me as equally unfortunate if you’re not willing to do something about it. Take the time to be nose deep in schoolwork, to succeed, to exercise, and to see loved ones. Having time for the most important things in my life feels good. Not to mention I’ve also gained time to take bike rides with my beautiful Louisa (the bike), whose frame is branded with the constant reminder “move happy.”


One thought on “Move Happy

  1. I really liked how you summarized the Fast Company article. I agree that the whole article is worth reading, but summarizing it for someone who may be too busy to do so is a great way to get your reader on the same page as you. Also adding some of your own personal narration and life experiences is cool because it gives me a better idea of who you are.


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