Why a Logo Can Be the Most Important Part of a Company

Children ages 2-3 may not know how to read, however a University of Amsterdam study indicates that 67 percent of kids ages 2-3 are able to match logos and products correctly. 100 percent of eight year olds could recognize what logo stood for what product. We as humans are visually oriented, making brand recognition one of the most powerful tools a company could utilize.

A logo is the graphical representation of a company, kind of like the mascot. Everything from the shapes, colors and size communicates things about your company and provides information that allows people to identify with the brand. For example if you’re a company that wants to communicate that you’re cutting edge such as Nike, your logo may be slanted to indicate speed.

Image courtesy of http://www.festisite.com

The logo is what shows up on business cards, websites, advertisements and the free pen that you took from the front desk. It’s what will remind you of the company’s values. It is for this reason that logos can single-handedly contribute to a brand’s success or failure. Boring logo? No one will want to interact with that. Boring logos give a company a dull image. A one of a kind logo, you say? They’re probably one of a kind!

Think of Google’s multicolored “G,” McDonald’s golden arches and Starbuck’s enchanting green mermaid. What do you think of when you see Apple’s apple logo? I think apple à Teacher à Smart. Apple = smart. Some logos include words, but others are so powerful they can be tied back to a company without a single letter.brand-logo-colors2.jpg

Looking to create your own logo? Here’s a bit of advice from an artist on color communication. Good luck!

RED – associated with the intensity of blood and fire. Active, emotional, passionate, trust, love, intensity, aggressiveness.

BLUE – depth and stability of sky and sea. Comfort, faith, conservative, understanding, clarity, confident, calm, trust

YELLOW – energy and joy of sunshine. Joy, alive, energetic, fresh

GREEN – the harmony of nature. Calm, relaxed, trust, peaceful, hopeful

PURPLE – the luxury of royalty. Glamour, power, nostalgic, romantic, introspective

ORANGE – the happiness of sunshine and the tropics. Enthusiastic, creative, determined, stimulates mental activity.

BLACK – formality and mystery of night. Bold, serious, luxurious.

PINK – associated with feminine traits. Love, sweet, warmth, sexuality, nurtured.

BROWN – nurturing trait of Mother Earth. Reliability, support, dependability


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