What Would You Do With An Extra 24 Hours?

Leap Day is approaching! Something or someone is finally going to get a “year” older. However, for some people it’s a less exciting event of unpaid work. Not for Zappos though. This year, Zappos is giving all 1,600 of their employees a paid day off with the mentality that maybe it doesn’t hurt to have “a little break every 4 years.”

Zappos has launched a hashtag campaign “TakeTheLeap” to promote its Change.org petition with their goal of declaring Leap day as a federal holiday. They’ve encouraged their employees to take 24 hours to do good – whether for their community, family or for themselves.Zappos_TakeTheLeapIntroembargo16.jpg

It might be one of those situations similar to Valentine’s Day where people complain “It’s not a real holiday.” Yet, Zappos is branding themselves by showing that they will take any excuse to treat their employees. This campaign is primarily for their employees, but it reaches out to their customers as well. Anyone who works can appreciate the time that Zappos wants to give to their employees. Who would turn down a paid day off?

Zappos isn’t the only one giving back to their employees. Last Black Friday REI started their campaign “#OptOutside” and announced that they were going to pay their employees to not come to work and instead allow their industry to spend time with their families for the holiday season. It’s a smart move. Not only does it say “we take care of our employees,” but it makes the public trust them as a company. It comes across as a family company. It sure would make me want to work for them! What would you do with an extra 24 hours?maxresdefault.jpg


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