The Free Artists

Back in January a friend of mine started a night called TFA, which she decided stands for three things: Thanks For Art, Thursday For Art and The Free Artists.

Let me tell you about it. As you can tell from context clues, it happens every Thursday night. Basically, she realized she knew a lot of artistic people and wanted to know what everyone was up to in the art scene. It’s so easy to lose track of each other in the chaos that is college. Her solution: she created a space and time for us to sit, share and talk about art, an opportunity to inspire each other.

Every Thursday the spaces of her wall are filled up with paintings, digital artwork, drawings, poems, creative writing, architecture models, etc. and a space is created for an open mic area if anyone wishes to share spoken word or perform music. I’ve been really into hand-lettering lately, so my project has been hand-lettering mini notes to distribute to friends at gatherings. IMG_7953.jpg

Like the best things in life, anyone and everyone is welcome. However, in order to keep the dynamic inspiring and creatively stimulating, those who come are required to bring something to share. This could be anything from artwork to music, a story, an artifact of importance or a dish. This way, the main purpose of the evening remains to be art.

Provided is also a space to create art. We are now going into our ninth week of TFA. I’m thankful for this space created for me, as I’ve been given a reason to start painting and actually finish my work. I’ve also been grateful to the people that attend who generate such great conversation that makes me think. I challenge those of you who feel like you haven’t had the time to do the things you love: set a time and date for your outlets, whether it be physical, mental, creative, meditative, all of thee above or none of thee above. Challenge yourself to interact, to learn, inspire, and grow.

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