I am an experienced communicator skilled in connecting with people through the art of storytelling. Presently analyzing public relations, I’m exploring the relationship between stories and social evolution in different cultures. I attended UC Berkeley’s National Student Leadership Conference and studied journalism with students from different countries. Interested in examining how different forms of journalism interact with an audience, I’ve written articles for The Scroll and Yearbook publications, experimented with broadcasting on K2 News, and was awarded as “Best Actress” in Duck TV’s drama series “Second-Chance Man,” while assisting in production.

IMG_4538_zpsd6dd46d7I decided to pursue journalism after learning that stories can change the world. A lecture from Pulitzer Prize winner, Alex Tizon, introduced my passion for words and their evident power over emotion and change.


Motivated to make the changes I want to see, I collaborate with Portland’s “Night Strike” for the “houseless” to assure those without shelter that they are not “homeless.” Night Strike interconnects food, clothing and hygienic service with an environment for civic engagement and the opportunity to exchange stories from all walks of life.


In the last month, I secured my presidency of the newly founded chapter of 120 women at the University of Oregon in hopes to create a diverse and affordable program. My responsibilities include recruitment, delegation, finances, and collaborating with organizations such as Alzheimer’s Association, Inherit the Earth and Maine Seas Coast Mission. My role allows me to extend her vision for change across multiple key publics.


In 2017 I will graduate with a major in public relations and a minor in product design in a professional world that values critical and creative thinking.



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