Hue are you?

There are an infinite number of colors and shades. Have you ever been to a paint store? The array of “white paint” is impressive and takes up an entire section of the store on its own. Egret white, natural choice, white duck, shoji white, ivory lace, and incredible white all looked incredibly similar to me. … Continue reading Hue are you?


Please, DO play with your food

Good news everyone! I found out that two of my favorite things, art and food, are beginning to be considered as a successful combo. However, it’s the whole “every square is a rectangle, but every rectangle is not a square” ordeal. Food is art, but unfortunately on rare occasion is art edible food. Even so, … Continue reading Please, DO play with your food

Who’s that girl? It’s Jess3

I'm pretty jazzed about our latest assignment. We've been tasked with designing infographics! For those who don't know, it's a clever way to present data in a visual manner. Infographics are my favorite intersection of art and communication. What draws the eye? What engages you? There's information involved, but the execution in this case is vital. … Continue reading Who’s that girl? It’s Jess3


For the architects out there, this one's for you. Non-architects, this is still very relevant because you get to observe architecture every day, and I have a challenge for you. Last year I witnessed the architecture students' process. I saw the brainstorming sketches at the beginning, to final pinup presentation at the end. Architects don't sleep, … Continue reading Articulture